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Valentines Day gift for the guy who has everything..?

Ok so i gave him a scrapbook for our one year anniversary,and got him a new wallet for christmas. I think flowers and chocolate are a little too cliche. He%26#039;s into computer and technology sorta things..I need something that will wow him any ideas..?

Valentines Day gift for the guy who has everything..?
Get him something pertaining to the computer. I f possible, find out from family or friends if there is anything that he could really use or needs pertaining to the computer or technology.
Reply:Hey, he already has you, what more does he need on Valentines Day?

Reply:get him something special... like mayb a dinner by candal lite on da beach or something like that... something meaningful and romantic
Reply:Sex marathon. Seriously set aside a whole day and see how many time you can make sweet love.
Reply:JUst spend time with him
Reply:I bet he doesn%26#039;t have a paainting of you in your most glamorous attire.You can send such a photo to and they will create a wonderful portrait out of it. Try it out and you will tell me the wonders it does to your boyfriend.

The same company also has a studio for oil paintings reproductions. If you are looking for an affordable gift urgently, you can take a look at their %26#039;stock on sale%26#039;. Visit http://www.oil-paintings-reproductions.c...
Reply:As a rule, men appreciate whatever they get from their women and are not that hard to please. You always have to notice and listen to what they are into. Then, a great gift that every man loves to receive is a %26quot;Gift Card%26quot; to their favorite store. Men do not normally like to store, but when they are shopping for themself they love it! So, start listening to where he likes to shop... then, you supply him with a gift card!

Happy Valentine%26#039;s Day and Good Luck!!

Try this site to get some ideas about Valentines day:

Good Luck!
Reply:Two tickets to an event - sports, theatre, music. I hope he%26#039;s covering the dinner!
Reply:I agree with evw


You can have singer go to his job and sing to him, You in a box with nothing but a Bow and whip cream you get the idea.

I weekend out of town?
Reply:A new or good condition cast iron horseshoe without rust with the U shape facing up for good luck and a X-Men action paperback novel from the bookstore.

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How did you know?

A fancy restaurant in New York was offering a promotional deal. A married couple could eat at the restaurant for half-price on their anniversary. To prevent scams, the couple would need proof of their wedding date.

One Thursday evening, a couple claimed it was their anniversary, but didn%26#039;t bring any proof. The restaurant manager was called to speak with the couple. When the manager asked to hear about the wedding day, the wife replied with the following: %26quot;Oh, it was a wonderful Sunday afternoon, birds were chirping, and flowers were in full bloom.%26quot; After nearly 10 minutes of ranting, she comes to tell him that today was their 28th wedding anniversary.

%26quot;How lovely%26quot;, the manager said, %26quot;However, you do not qualify for the discount. Today is not your anniversary, you are a liar%26quot;.

How did the manager know that it wasn%26#039;t their anniversary?

How did you know?
The calendar repeats itself every 28 years, so if they were married on a Sunday 28 years ago, the day they were at the restaurant would also have to be a Sunday, not a Thursday.
Reply:The manager should have given them the discount for the following reasons: -

1. The fact that they remained married for 28 years.

2. They honesty in saying it was they 28th anniversary.
Reply:Don%26#039;t you think the manager would want to be nicer about his approach? I mean, everyone wants a discount, but the manager wants repeat customers. You can TACTFULLY tell them that they don%26#039;t qualify, without calling them an outright liar. The manager should be fired. Very unprofessional and unbecoming of someone in a supervisory role.
Reply:They came in on thursday yet told the story of a sunday wedding?
Reply:The calendar repeats itself every 28 years. So, if they were married on a Sunday 28 years ago, the day they were at the restaurant would also have to be a Sunday. Since it was a Thursday, the manager knew they were lying, and abruptly kicked them out of his restaurant.

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Do you have parents who have never kissed, hugged or said they love each other whilst in your presence?

The only sign of affection that I see is birthday %26amp; anniversary cards. I can%26#039;t remember ever seeing a bunch of flowers in the house. I can%26#039;t believe I%26#039;ve never asked anyone else this, or even talked about it with my brother. I guess I have just accepted it because I was brought up in that environment and took it for granted. They are still married %26amp; living together, apparently content with one another, after more than 30 years.

(they married in their 20%26#039;s).

How unusual is this? What is your interpretation of their relationship with one another %26amp; with my brother %26amp; I?

Do you have parents who have never kissed, hugged or said they love each other whilst in your presence?
It%26#039;s that generation I guess - my parents are exactly the same - they are both in their 60%26#039;s. I expect that your parents were more demonstrative when they were younger - but maybe because you were younger you don%26#039;t remember that or maybe, once they had you guys, they didn%26#039;t have time to kiss and cuddle so much!. Clearly, they have had a long and successful marriage - something to be proud of. I think that their generation was not shown that much affection by their own parents - life was much harder then and so, they are not as affectionate as a result. It might just be a case of %26quot;not in front of the children%26quot; - classic for their generation!
Reply:Just old fashioned I guess
Reply:my mum and dad was the same never show any afection with each other or us lads, i think men are alot soppyer now and women now days wouldn%26#039;t put up with a relationship like that any more, i%26#039;ve been married twice now and this one is nearly over, it will efect you and your bro if you let it if you get a understanding mrs thats not full on in your face then you%26#039;ll be fine , i can%26#039;t be doing with all that soppy stuff , hence twice marreid
Reply:i have never seen my parents show affection to each other in my presence,maybe because we%26#039;re indians!!!
Reply:my parents kiss and cuddle in front of us (me, and my brother and sister) all the time. I think it%26#039;s healthy. Showing emotions and affection is agood thing and lets your children grow up knowing that its good to express your feelings.
Reply:no my parents are different. always hugging and kissing. some times it%26#039;s too much. we us kids have to yell %26quot;get a room. and no more brothers and sisters please. lol%26quot;
Reply:my dad thinks kissing passes germs lol.
Reply:yeah I have parents that don%26#039;t do that stuff and I think it is good but I don%26#039;t want them to do that kind of stuff. I mean its so gross especially if your parents do it.
Reply:Yes I do have parents that don%26#039;t do those things. It is very strange for me not to see that because I see other couples that do that all the time. I think it is because they just grow out of it and they have kids now.
Reply:ya i do ifind it nery weird and jus thought twas their romance gone after 25yers of marriage
Reply:Not everyone is comfortable with showing their emotions in public, or in front of others. It doesn%26#039;t mean that their feelings are none existent. I don%26#039;t remember my parents being overly affectionate with each other but we knew they loved us. My husband and I show our kids that they are loved and we all tell one another that we love each other everyday, just different generations I suppose.
Reply:My parents never show any affection for each other. But if there happy then thats all that matters really.
Reply:yes i have had the same as you,just see things on birthdays,anniversaries etc,never heard them say they love each other,mind you im 46 n not once have they said they loved me,but me im in a loving relationship where we tell each other daily how much we love one another,ppl who say you follow in your parants footsteps tlk a load off bull
Reply:Yes - my sister and I talk about it quite a bit and we both think that%26#039;s why we both have a problem showing our affection.

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Do women enjoy a day out shopping?

today is our 10 year anniversary. we are not wealthy but i do what i can for my wife. my job requires me to work 12 hour shifts overnight so i suffer from sleep apnea so i have no choice but to sleep during the day between shifts. unfortunately our anniversary falls on one of those days this year. so friday i had flowers (that cost $160) delivered to my wife to enjoy at work and over this weekend. i wasn%26#039;t sure what else to give here given our modest income so i had worked some overtime the week before and told her i was leting her go on a shopping spree today for her anniversary present and that she could spend $500 buying things that make her feel nice and pretty. was this a stupid idea? bad gift? i really want to know.

Do women enjoy a day out shopping?
if you can afford it, then fine. as far as $160 flower arrangement, flowers die so quickly that spending that much on flowers is a little crazy, but is a nice gesture. are you goiong with her when she%26#039;s shopping? that might be nice. can you take off from work? being with you might mean more than just shopping. unfortunately, this question is a litttle late for asking...if the gift comes from the heart, then it%26#039;s nice.
Reply:no i hate shopping.
Reply:I hate shopping personality
Reply:what a great guy-- darlin, i%26#039;ll take 2 of you to go, hold the wife!!
Reply:That sounds like a nice gift. Your a sweet man. Chances are, she%26#039;ll be able to see the sacarfice you are making for her, and that will make her feel special.


6 Month Anniversay Ideas?

I need some help..I don%26#039;t know what to do..Our 6 month anniversary is coming up..I%26#039;m going to buy her flowers and dinner but I need a gift..I%26#039;m looking to spend probably around 100 dollars..Any ideas? Plz help No bed and breakfast..I%26#039;m saving that for a year!

6 Month Anniversay Ideas?
6 month anniversary??? That%26#039;s pretty lame.
Reply:How about celebrating a 6 month aniversary is a stupid idea. Did your g/f (or b/f) suggest it?
Reply:Gold earrings you can get a nice pair for that price and it will be something that she will cherish.


or anything that you can do yourself...

I suggest you gather all your pictures taken with her together..

then make your own collage, and frame it all together..

add some caption if you want..
Reply:take her to a concert.


I,need some ideas for decorations using ribbons for my curtain?

Is my Grandparents 50th anniversary.I have to make decorations using ribbions.e.g flowers,bows but I need a little directions to follow in making it.

I,need some ideas for decorations using ribbons for my curtain?
try this site
Reply:If you need them for a cuttian, purchase a wooden dowel or a thin trim form Home Depot with the length needed. Then using a staple gun staple the ribbon the the dowl after cutting it the desired length. Keep the ribbon tight together or loose depending ton the look you want. For extra style try weaving extra ribbon on the tomp in a basket design. Use a hot glue gun to keep in place. Depending on the weight of the curtian you have created you can mount to the wall by using the staple gun, double sided tape ( if temporary), or with simple nails. Depending on the colours you use, this can be very festive.

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No sex in 2 years living together 3 years?????

long time ago we did it like rabbits. now i am LUCKY to get it on our anniversary. I make dinner 98% of the time, bring home flowers and all that crap constantly, clean house, i work more hours than her (as an architect) and she NEVER wnats to do anything sexual? she seems to conside it %26quot;dirty%26quot; even though we have been together 5years???????????????

No sex in 2 years living together 3 years?????
Surprised you are still around...honestly. You are a trooper! Maybe her sex drive is non-existant. If she is taking medication it may be effecting her. Ask her to go to the doctors and have it checked out. Sounds like some counseling would be beneficial too, to say sex is %26quot;dirty%26quot;. Marriage counseling would also be of benefit. Best of luck.
Reply:Considering it %26quot;dirty%26quot; sounds like a lame excuse. but i guess It could be a psychological or medical problem that can be looked into. Is it possible that you try to hard. Maybe acting like you don%26#039;t want to have sex yourself will make her actually want to have sex. It worked for a friend
Reply:If your relationship is ok outside of the sex part then I wouldnt worry too much, but you should talk to her about what is going on and what the reason is. Communication in a relationship is more important than sex.
Reply:Maybe she needs some counselling. Have you considered that??? Ask her about her life, how she feels about things. Good Luck.
Reply:Maybe she thinks that u have been unfaithful! Maybe she is stepping out! 3 yrs is not long at all!! ~You should still be going like rabbits~
Reply:sounds to me like she is getting alright just not from you
Reply:Maybe you should ask her to her face what%26#039;s going on, because either she%26#039;s getting it elsewhere or something BIG is WRONG in your relationship!!!
Reply:This is really depressed. There is something wrong with your wife I believe. I suggest counceling, seriously.

Or has she been getting it from somewhere else? Just a thought.
Reply:Is she getting it elsewhere?

Not to be rude, but thats normally the case.
Reply:wow what a super guy wish i met you when you were single.
Reply:Then something must be terribly wrong somewhere. try to figure out what (if anything) has changed along the line since this ugly situation started.
Reply:Sorry if she is health woman not over 65. she has sex more then that. she might be cheating on you. If she, is I think you know and it is more then just the sex. The way she acts around you chages you notice it, too.
Reply:I can%26#039;t help but feel sorry for you. I do the same thing to my husband. The only reason why I can say this happens is that, while we think about sex, and love you so much; we just don%26#039;t want to go through with the act. Wometn are getting more mentally exaughsted then we ever used to. We start out wanting it, and then we just turn the act around in our minds to that we don%26#039;t want it for whatever reasons - not getting hurt, was my partner pleasured, work, kids, bills, etc...the only thing i can say is to talk to her, or get some marriage counseling.
Reply:Something has changed in your relationship. Either she is bored with sex or maybe she has found someone more exciting. Try some romance. Make her feel special. Find a way to spice things up and spark her interest. Talk to her and find out what it is she wants. Try to find out what might have changes. Good luck
Reply:You need to go talk to her about it. There%26#039;s obviously something going on. If you truly care about the relationship and she won%26#039;t talk to you about it, insist on couples counseling. This is a symptom of a bigger problem. Good luck.
Reply:make her go to the Dr to rule out any medical problems then go to canceling with her
Reply:Some people are just not compatible. Sounds like when love was new, she was willing to make compromises for you. But now she has you trained, she doesn%26#039;t have to make any concessions to you - you%26#039;re doing everything to please her, without her having to make any effort.

If you can%26#039;t sit down and discuss this honestly, then there%26#039;s something hugely wrong with your relationship in other ways, too. A successful relationship is all about communication - without it, it%26#039;s doomed. Make her sit down and talk about this. If she won%26#039;t, you have your answer.
Reply:.......and you married her because?

Have you brought this to her attention? Do you see the two of you together in another year?

There is another man involved I%26#039;m affraid. If you can not resolve this then you need to call it quits. Cut your loses and move on. That may sound harsh, But it is something you should consider.

Good Luck..........
Reply:Well, that%26#039;s the problem you expect it.

Seduction is an art, bringing flowers is not seduction, neither is cleaning the house.

Take her out on a date. Don%26#039;t expect it, just take her OUT to dinner, hold her hand, compliment her.

It%26#039;s the little things that count.

Cleaning the house is NOT a form of seduction, I don%26#039;t know what gave you that idea. Plan a trip.

Give her a nice massage, stop thinking about only you and what YOU do. Appreciate what she does.

Read what you wrote again.

Nothing you do is actually about HER.

Or hey, maybe she%26#039;s getting it elsewhere, because you aren%26#039;t in tune with her needs.

Sometimes CUDDLING is a nice way to get her going, be sweet.

You seem like you are a complainer.

No one wants to screw a complainer.
Reply:You Seem like a good man to me.....good man is hard to find......she should appreciate you for all what you down for her......because most of us never get that kind of treatments..... It sound like she have a plan doing things behind your back...i would make the first move....leave her before she never knows what%26#039;s in her mine.....check her out!!!!!

Best wishes and good luck
Reply:So if you%26#039;re not married, what keeps you in the relationship?

Do you know for a fact she considers it %26#039;dirty%26#039;?

Guess it%26#039;s counselor find out what the real issue is.
Reply:It%26#039;s been my experience that one should get ALL the pre-marital sex one can, because it by God stops once the ring slides on. Every ******* time...
Reply:Hi Bill,

My soon to be husband lived the same way with his ex-wife, turns out she had a plan, a dirty plan. She was getting %26quot;time%26quot; in, in the marriage to secure her financial future without him. She was awarded $662.50 a month in spousal support and half of his retirement funds for 7 years. They, like you, had sexual relations only on their anniversary. She always had excuses to not be intimate. So, if your married, be aware, she may have a plan and she may be seeing someone else on the side like my mans%26#039; ex was. Good luck.
Reply:shes getting it else where or has caught some thing of some one else . i been with my partner 23 years and we still 2 to three times a week
Reply:This is probably not going to be the best advice, but i think you should flip it on her, make her feel the way you do, unwanted, unapprettiated... see how she reacts to it. If it really bothers her you know that the problem is not that she does%26#039;nt care. If she just goes along with it without inquiring as to what is going on, then you have bigger issues. Be prepared for the worst. Good luck man.
Reply:Why are you still with her ?

Seems like you should have left years ago ...

Leave her..

Move on...
Reply:Im think she is getting it somewhere else dude.

Stop doing so many things for her.
Reply:It sounds to me like she has underlying issues in your relationship. Let me ask a couple you watch porn or visit strip clubs or idolize sexy women in front of her? Have you had children? Maybe she%26#039;s not feeling sexy. Some things to try...try making a night all about her!! I understand that you need sex, however, trust me in the fact that is she%26#039;s satisfied, you will be too!! Pleasure her in every way you can...rub her feet, make her feel sexy and take care of her suxually for a night or two. She may need a renewed sense of feeling sexy and that when you do nice things for her that it%26#039;s not primarily to initiate sex.
Reply:well maybe she has just fallen out of love with you... Or maybe she is depressed that can lead to sexual desires not existing... however i am concerned with the way your question is worded maybe she feels like you think she owes you sex because u do house work and think of bring flowers to her as a chore or maybe she is having an affair.. don%26#039;t really know what to say to this one good luck
Reply:Is it worth asking one of her friends for an idea on what the go is.... females tend to unload on their friends. She might feel all the %26quot;crap%26quot; you do undermines her worth in the relationship which in turn doesn%26#039;t do much for her self-esteem and can lead to a bit of a shut-down (lock-out in your case) in the bedroom because it may be the only thing she feels she still has control over.
Reply:It could be a physical condition or some past trauma that requires counseling. Have you asked her what the problem is? If you are under 60 years old, this is not normal behavior and there is definitely a problem that needs to be addressed because we are sexual beings.

Good luck

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